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For Fans Of Living Colour's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
For Fans Of Living Colour

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(What's Your Favourite Colour Baby?)

Living Colour Tour Down Under 2006 [23 May 2006|01:09am]

After a 10 hour train ride I was in Melbourne to see Living Colour at The Metro.

Two of Four

Words cannot do justice...

(What's Your Favourite Colour Baby?)

Fab Channel [dot]com [18 Sep 2005|08:55pm]

I came across a site that streams video from gigs in various places. In amongst the live sets I came across Living Colour Live at the Paradiso 01.11.04 Follow the link and scroll down the videoondemand list.


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My band is playing with Living Colour tonight! [09 Sep 2005|09:42am]

(I just thought I'd cross-post this in your community for Living Colour fans who are in the Los Angeles area - apologies if you've already seen this message...)

Tonight! - September 9, 2005 at The Knitting Factory - ALL AGES!
(7021 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028)

Silver Needle w/ Living Colour, Knitting Factory main stage.

Advance tickets available @ http://www.knittingfactory.com/

See you there!


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[20 Oct 2004|12:20am]

Well here is the link to my pics from B.B. Kings last night in NYC.
The show was OFF THE CHAIN!
My first time seeing PE and they put on a great show!
If after clicking link, you are asked to sign in, go ahead and register, its free!


(What's Your Favourite Colour Baby?)

[19 Oct 2004|03:27am]

ok, heres my 2cents.
Yes, seeing the Up Front Crew was a gas! Even the guy thats always there and lights up the bone. LOL! ! ! ! And Tim was there in our minds ;) But I got my butt felt up by Bridget Nealson! I thought someone was tryin 2 get my wallet! I turned around and there she was! She gave me a kiss and I got a nice pic with her! Not bad. I was talking to three nice ladys, one was at The Bowery show, we kinda remembered eachother. I gave her the name to look 4 on YaHoo groups so she could join the group. PE was OFF THE CHAIN! It was my first time seeing them and they did satisfy! What a great mix! PE then LC! Man it was a great night!
BUT yes the drunks sucked! I mean one guy started with me because I would'nt give him my other set of batterys for my cam! WHat a ass! Bumpin into me most of the night. But the strangest part of it all was that when the night was done and we had stayed to greet the boys after the show, the one guy that was the biggest pain n the ass came over 2 me and said' sorry 4 being such a ass-hole before. I was like...... yeah. I could'nt beleive it! That was.....nice!? AnywaySome of us met over at Micky D's and then took the trip home.
The boys said they were headed over seas! You guys over there enjoy!
I'll be posting my pics real soon!

Fight The Power!


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[18 Oct 2004|02:33pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Well, LC & PE 2night at B.B. Kings! This should be great! Going down with Miles and some friends and should be meetin up with some folks down there also. If I can take pics, I will and have them posted soon!

P.S. If anyone out there would like to see some of the past LC concerts I have pics from, let me know your email and I'll send ya a link.

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LIVING COLOUR & PUBLIC ENEMY at B.B. Kings Oct 18!!!!!!! [25 Sep 2004|12:58am]

[ mood | happy ]

http://www.bbkingblues.com/schedule/moreinfo.cgi?id=2155 Ok all you East coasters! I'll see ya there! If I can take pics, I will and post them!

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Link 2 my pics from LC last night! [07 Aug 2004|03:51pm]



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Livin Color! This Week End! [03 Aug 2004|09:03pm]


Nuttin more 2 say, BE THERE!

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[10 Jul 2004|10:29pm]

If we're talking about side projects check out Yohimbe Brothers.

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Vernon Reid - Hear his new CD, win an iPod! [03 Jun 2004|10:07am]
Hi All -

Right now on Vernon's record label's website, you can hear his ENTIRE new CD, as well as enter to win an iPod pre-loaded with the record!


Please help spread the word! Send this to as many people as you can - let's get
people listening to this CD!


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[20 May 2004|06:05am]

Hi everyone, just signing up, thought I'd drop a quick hello. Been a fan ever since "cult" was the big radio song. They were also probably the best show I've ever seen (Toads Place, New Haven CT, Valentine's Day 2003). Glad to see there's more like me out there!

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hello [11 May 2004|10:14am]

[ mood | peaceful ]

hey i am lary from new jersey. i love living colour. just wanted to introduce myself. i have been listeing to them for about three years. i was about when cult of personality came out so i really just got into them. but i go vivid and times up. i am looking next toward hunting down stain and collidiscope. gotta run but i am lad this community exist

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[27 Mar 2004|09:09pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Today at Olive's was real nice! It started off like it was gonna be one of those day there, but Maryann showed up........LATE. We got in and it was a slow set up cause the first band was using Suffage's amp but was missin a power cord, so everyone got off to a late start. But I have to say that everyone had a good set! Suffage is showin that they are growin up ;) more new stuff comin from them and STF was good even with the two sick members hangin on. Let me tell ya,,,, Joey is a AWSOME drummer! I mean I knew that, but today, I think everyone there found out! Our friends FLU came down from Conn. ever tho they did not have a drummer they rocked! They have a real nice show and the get right down to it! We are hoping to do some shows with them up in Conn. to get them folks up there in the right mind of the sounds coming from ROCKLAND! The only strange thing about playin 2day at Olive's was that when it was all over, it was Saturday night and not Sunday. I like the two days at Olive's thing and I hope they keep that up.

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[06 Feb 2004|05:30pm]

Just a reminder: Living Colour is going to be on Last Call with Carson Daly tonight.

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User Group [03 Feb 2004|11:50pm]

[ mood | okay ]

y'all know about the YaHoo group for LC? It's http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SacredGround Check it out! Lots of info/weeds/FTP's.
You folks on the EAST Coqst know about 2/26 Toad's Place and 2/27 The Downtown !?
Get your tixs on TicketMaster! I'll be there!

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[28 Jan 2004|10:09am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Last night was great, i got see to LC play on "Last Call with carson Daly" his show on NBC and it was really good. They were the "house band" last night but that ended up being better than the main act. They played MUCH more than the main band which was some stupid no name band lol. I got to hang with the guys after the show, and even got to talk to carson.. he's even a cool guy.. im glad i went.

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[06 Dec 2003|01:46pm]

I got to see the band play live at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC last night. They played for two hours, going in to some pretty cool segues including a very slow jam on James Brown's "Sex Machine" and Junior Murvin's "Police and Thieves"...they came back for an encore afterwards which included "Tomorrow Never Knows" and "Back In Black".

The main set started off with "Memories Can't Wait" and "Song without Sin".... it was pretty much the same set list ronebofh posted, except they didn't do "Solace of you".

At one point Doug Wimbish asked the crowd what they wanted to hear, which clearly was a mistake. Everyone started shouting random songs, to which Corey replied, "You're asking us to play all the ones we don't know." He did perk up when he heard "Free Bird", but they played "Back In Black" instead.

Anyone who has the chance to see them, do it. They don't have many more dates after tonight (maybe one more?) and I hope they keep going and come through here again. I hate crowds and I hate people in crowds..... that's why I hate concerts. But I loved this concert because the show was so incredible. Without a doubt I would see them again at every opportunity.

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